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If you are seeking resolution for a conflict  that has layers of scientific, economic and legal complexity laced with interpersonal toxicity, I may be able to help. I have been practicing public policy mediation and facilitation for decades and have a solid history of resolving seemingly entrenched conflicts on a variety of subjects, from water issues to fire suppression to peacemaking among bitterly infighting senior citizen groups.

People are so skeptical collaboration can work and so amazed when it actually does.

But as awesome as agreement among old adversaries is, it isn't enough. The decision has to have legs--it has to be wise, to be implementable and to include provisions for adjusting to change. It also has to be fair to the people who are affected but who weren't part of the discussion. And even that isn't enough: being fair and wise and durable doesn't mean much unless others get that the decision is fair and wise and so on. Once the public gets over their shock that an agreement even became possible, they’ll need to be able to track the hows and whys of it. I pay attention to the meeting materials and records not only to support agreement, but also to strengthen the agreement's ultimate implementation.

My skills? With my law degree and background in science, I have the ability to quickly come up to speed. I have considerable experience helping people develop more effective communications. People say I give the impression “this is going to be tough, but we can do it.”

Done well, a collaborative process will lead to an implementable plan, rather than stalemate. It will heal old rifts. In fact, a successful collaboration can change how a community thinks about itself: "Hey, maybe we can work together." Collaboration can move a community from fighting over who gets what slice of the pie to thinking about how to make more pies (or eat carrots, or whatever). There is immense power in diverse opinions when they are brought together in a constructive way to solve a common problem.

If you think I could be of assistance in resolving an 'impossible' conflict, please call me at 503-231-6557 or e-mail me at


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